My new favorite sleeper!

Friday, September 18, 2015

So in my last post I wrote about my love for sleepers. The love is still going strong but especially for Juddlies sleepers.

We received a Juddlies sleeper as a gift shortly after baby peanut was born.  I thought nothing of it at the time except that it looked quite big for its size. So it sat in her drawer until last month when baby peanut went through a growth spurt and outgrew all of her favorite sleepers. 

OMG it was love at first wear! This sleeper must have been designed by a mom because it is freaken amazing! It has a 2 way zipper!!  This makes for super easy & fast diaper changes especially at 2am! If your baby is like my baby peanut who hates getting her diaper changed ... this sleeper will change your life. Her diaper is changed and she is dressed in less than a minute. The fabric is slightly heavier than the average sleeper and washes extremely well (no shrinkage so there is no surprises!). The neck is wider for more comfort and less stress. Let's be serious, like most new moms I am a worry wart. The wider neck eases my strangulation worries. It also has a cute zipper head cover for you to tuck the zipper under so there is no sharp object poking at your baby's neck. 

Oh! I absolutely love this sleeper but I do wish they came in cute prints! So, if you work for Juddlies or know someone that does and are reading this, please pass this suggestion on but for now I'm headed out to Snugglebugz to stock up as they are currently 15% off. And no I am not being compensated by Juddlies or Snugglebugz  for this post ( but I secretly wish I was). Just sharing cause babies aren't cheap! Happy shopping!

-----UPDATE------- (10/08/2015)

I know I was super excited and totally over the moon for these sleepers but .... They aren't the same as the one I was gifted. :(

I'm not very happy with these as they feel thinner and lighter. I purchased 3 (pink solid, pink melange and teal/white stripe).  The one that I was gifted may have been a fall/winter sleeper where as the ones on sale are spring/summer sleepers. The zipper head cover also is thinner and does not cover the zipper properly. Not impressed. 

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