OMG!! Did someone break into my house?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Nope!  Just have a toddler running around!  It's truly remarkable how much damage a toddler can do in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, baby peanut has yet to understand the concept of cleaning up and trust me, I've tried telling her many times. When I try to show her, she simply thinks we're playing a game and pulls out more toys for me to put away. The Mr thinks it's cute. I did too at first but that sh@t got old fast! #steppingonlegowilldothattoyou 

Please forgive me, I know it's been a while but my hands were a little full trying to adjust to the whole 'mom' thing.  Now that I finally have that all figured out and baby peanut naps regularly, I am carving out some time to do the some of the things I enjoy.


Me, Myself and the Mr